Escape Stairs Pressurization System

The escape stair pressurization system is a mechanical ventilation system. In order to pressurize the stairs of vertical buildings, it is necessary to install sets of motor-fans that suck air into the stairwell, keeping a pressure of 40 to 60 pa. The main purpose is to prevent infiltration of smoke in the event of a fire.

The system consists of the installation of a fan with an electric motor mounted in an insolated compartment. The outside air is captured through a shutter that has a particle filter. The insufflating of air to the escape stair occurs through the air release pipe generated by the fan.

The pressurization system may be activated manually or through the systems and devices described below:

The air pressure counterbalance that is required in the stair is controlled through manual and automatic dampers properly calculated and installed at the release area of the fan and at the top of the stair.

The pressurization system is installed in accordance to the ABNT standards (Brazilian Association of Technical Rules) - NBR 9077 and the Technical Instructions from the Fire Department - IT - CB 13/01.

Pressurization Scheme Pressurization

The figure below illustrates how the Stairs Pressurization System works

Sistema de pressurização de Escad

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